Tarantula Almanac

Tarantula in almanac. (Level 1)

The Tarantula is a Common Critter which can be bought in the Market , obtained through trading, or summoned by Poppy .
  • Name - Tarantula
  • Type - Critter
  • Likes - Vine
  • Dislikes - Moss
  • Rarity - Common
  • Forest Layer - Forest Floor
  • Market Price - 25 Vita Gems
  • Scientific Name - Aphonopelma seemani

The largest and hairiest of the spiders. They're often considered disgusting because of their extra hair and extra size. Also they can kick hairs off of their legs to cause an itchy rash. Yet they are still friendly and often kept as pets.

Levels Food Production
Level 1 50/5 minutes
Level 2 [Fill In]
Level 3 80/5 minutes
Level 4

128/5 minutes

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