The Red Panda is a Limited Critter that you get get from the Market or Discover in the Forest Floor. It cost's 250,000 Tree Food to get him from the Market.

Red panda almanac

Red Panda in the Almanac. (Level 1)

Levels Food Production Production Time
1 945/Unhappy 1050/Content 1313/Happy 2 Hours
2 1208/Unhappy 1313/Content 1575/Happy 2 Hours
3 1575/Unhappy 1680/Content 1943/Happy 2 Hours
4 2205/Unhappy 2310/Content 2573/Happy 2 Hours

Food Production is calculated without the additional plant bonuses.


*The Red Panda was the first critter in the Limited Section of the Market that was sold with Tree Food.
  • It was added in Version 1.04 .