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The Pufferfish is a Legendary Critter which can be bought from the Market, summoned by Poppy or obtained through trading.

  • Name - Pufferfish
  • Type - Critter
  • Likes - Fruit
  • Dislikes - Moss
  • Rarity - Legendary
  • Forest Layer - Understory
  • Market Price - 150 Vita Gems
  • Scientific Name - Diodon holacanthus

Pufferfish are fish that can inflate themselves by swallowing water to make themselves look big and threatening. They only do this in the most dire of situations because they are only capable of doing it a few times during their entire life.

Levels Food Production
Level 1 TBD
Level 2 TBD
Level 3 TBD
Level 4 341/5mins

Food Production based on 0% bonus

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