Monarch Butterfly Almanac

Monarch Butterfly in almanac. (Level 1)

The Monarch Butterfly is a Common Critter which can be summoned by Poppy or bought from the Market for 45 Vita Gems.
  • Name - Monarch Butterfly
  • Type - Critter
  • Likes - Flower
  • Dislikes - Mushroom
  • Rarity - Common
  • Forest Layer - Canopy
  • Market Price - 45 Vita Gems
  • Scientific Name - Danaus plexippus

Monarch butterflies are famous for being bright and colorful. That only means they're poisonous to eat! Monarchs get their poison from a plant called milkweed.

Levels Food Production
Level 1 82/5 minutes
Level 2 98/5 minutes
Level 3 104/5 minutes
Level 4 [Fill In]


  • The Monarch Butterfly is possibly an adult version of the Caterpillow.
  • The Monarch Butterfly has the longest name of any Critter at 16 letters.

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