Helpful Tips

It takes a lot of work to hatch them. They take one day plus thousands of food. For example the Hippopotamus takes 3280*10 tree food to hatch(32,800 in total) plus a day of waiting. So collect that food!

Also, if you do not "feed it" in one day, thousands of tree food go to waste!

Forest Floor

Branches 1 - 5

Golden Egg Critter: Beaver


Branches 6 - 15

Golden Egg Critter: Hippopotamus


Branches 16 - 25

Golden Egg Critter: Bat


Branches 26 - 35

Golden Egg Critter: Rhinoceros


Branches 36 - 60

Golden Egg Critter: Giraffe


Branches 61 - 80

Golden Egg Critter: Killer whale


Branches 80 - 90

Golden egg critter: Orangutan


Branches 90 - 100

Golden egg critter: Pandacorn

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