The information on the tables below represent a critter as it would appear in the Almanac. Creatures gain levels through aging, or they can be leveled by spending Vita Gems. Specific information, screenshots, and food production by level can be seen on the individual pages for each critter.

Common Critters

Name Price Food Production Likes Dislikes Forest Layer
Mouse 30 Vita Gems 207/1h Vine Mushroom


Chameleon 200 Tree Food 468/8h Moss Mushroom Forest Floor
Rabbit 30 Vita Gems 55/5m Moss Mushroom Shrub
Bughorn 200 Tree Food 803/24h Vine Mushroom, Fruit Shrub
Fox 30 Vita Gems 145/30m Fruit Flower Shrub
Wombat 200 Tree Food 567/12h Vine Flower Shrub
Dragonfly 30 Vita Gems 145/30m Moss Flower Shrub
Kangaroo 25 Vita Gems 94/15m Flower Mushroom, Vine Forest Floor
Froggy 50 Tree Food 10/30s Mushroom Vine Forest Floor
Turtle 50 Tree Food 105/30m Fruit Flower Forest Floor
Tarantula 25 Vita Gems 50/5m Vine Moss Forest Floor
Squirrel 50 Tree Food 150/1h Flower Fruit Forest Floor
Bandicoon 50 Tree Food 40/5m Flower Moss Forest Floor
Skunk 50 Tree Food 40/5m Flower Moss Forest Floor
Bull Frog 35 Vita Gems 158/30m Mushroom Vine Understory
Snailwad 2000 Tree Food 618/12h Mushroom Flower Understory
Duck 2000 Tree Food 511/8h Moss Mushroom Understory
Lovster 35 Vita Gems 113/15m Vine Fruit, Moss Understory
Elephant 2000 Tree Food 877/24h Fruit Vine Understory
Monarch Butterfly 45 Vita Gems 65/5m Flower Mushroom Canopy
Squirrel Fox 40 Vita Gems 15/30s Vine Fruit Understory
Mantis 45 Vita Gems 368/2h Flower Moss Emergent
Snakeling 40 Vita Gems 17/30s Vine Fruit Canopy
Boar 12,000 Tree Food 721/12h Mushroom Flower Emergent
Sloth 6000 Tree Food 949/24h Fruit Flower Canopy
Tamarin 45 Vita Gems 525/4h Mushroom Moss Emergent
Lynx 45 Vita Gems 70/5m Moss Flower , Fruit Emergent
Anteater 45 Vita Gems 122/15m Fruit Mushroom Canopy
Aardvark 12,000 Tree Food 595/8h Fruit Vine Emergent
Goat 6000 Tree Food 273/2h Mushroom Vine Canopy
Badger 6000 Tree Food 553/8h Mushroom Vine Canopy
Fennec Fox 40 Vita Gems 225/1h Flower Fruit Understory
Sheep 12,000 Tree Food 105/5m Moss Fruit Emergent
Flamingo 6000 Tree Food 195/1h Fruit Mushroom Canopy
Pelican 25 Vita Gems 450/4h Flower Moss Understory
Starfish 500 Tree Food 231/2h Flower Mushroom Shrub
Armadillo 500 Tree Food 116/30m Mushroom Flower Shrub
Ferret 50 Tree Food 210/2h Mushroom Fruit Forest Floor
Naked Molerat 6000 Tree Food 390/4h Moss Flower Canopy
Ladybug 1000 Tree Food 231/2h Vine Moss Shrub

Koi Fish Meerkat Reindeer Rattlesnake Hummingbird Manatee Pika

Uncommon Critters

Name Price Food Production Likes Dislikes Forest Layer
Dog Bird 40 Vita Gems 129/15m Flower Moss Shrub
Eagle 40 Vita Gems 69/5m Vine Fruit Shrub
Lemur 40 Vita Gems 516/4h Moss Vine Shrub
Penguin 35 Vita Gems 118/15m Fruit Vine Forest Floor
Caterpillow 100 Tree Food 132/30m Moss Fruit Forest Floor
Bunny Pig 35 Vita Gems 16/30s Mushroom Flower Forest Floor
Lion Toad 50 Vita Gems 394/2h Flower, Fruit Moss Understory
Tree Frog 4000 Tree Food 60/5m Moss Vine Understory
Star-nosed Mole 50 Vita Gems 563/4h Vine Flower Understory
Toucan 60 Vita Gems 610/4h Mushroom Fruit, Flower Canopy
Peacock 70 Vita Gems 230/30m Mushroom Fruit Emergent
Mosscrab 60 Vita Gems 153/15m Moss Flower, Mushroom Canopy
Cloud Leopard 70 Vita Gems 329/1h Flower, Vine Moss Emergent
Chimpanzee 60 Vita Gems 305/1h Flower Moss Canopy
Llama 70 Vita Gems 460/2h Fruit Moss Emergent
Koala 35 Vita Gems 805/12h Flower Moss Forest Floor
Echidna 2000 Tree Food 289/2h Mushroom Moss Shrub
Hedgehog 10,000 Tree Food 65/5m Fruit Vine


Possum 4000 Tree Food 158/30m Mushroom Fruit Understory
Blue Bird 2500 Tree Food 14/30s Flower Mushroom Shrub
Chinchilla 40 Vita Gems 731/8h Mushroom Flower Shrub
Sunfish 40 Vita Gems 258/1h Flower Moss Shrub
Macaw 50 Vita Gems 282/1h Vine Fruit Understory
Moose 50 Vita Gems 797/8h Mushroom Vine Understory

Rare Critters

Name Price Food Production Likes Dislikes Forest Layer
Jellyfish 70 Vita Gems 304/1h Mushroom Fruit Understory
Panda 70 Vita Gems 426/2h Moss, Vine Mushroom Understory
Dodo 60 Vita Gems 195/30m Vine Mushroom Shrub
Koalaphant 60 Vita Gems 140/15m Mushroom, Fruit Vine Shrub
Treehorse 50 Vita Gems 68/5m Moss Mushroom Forest Floor
Horsefly 50 Vita Gems 127/15m Moss Fruit Forest Floor
Tarsier 90 Vita Gems 461/2h Mushroom Vine Canopy
Fizzard 125 Vita Gems 709/4h Flower Moss Emergent
Stegosaurus 125 Vita Gems 231/30m Fruit Vine Canopy
Horseshoe Crab 100 Vita Gems 355/1h Moss Flower Emergent
Ramel 60 Vita Gems 557/4h Moss Flower Shrub
Ostrich 60 Vita Gems 789/8h Flower Moss Shrub

Legendary Critters

Name Price Food Production Likes Dislikes Forest Layer
Chimera 150 Vita Gems 709/2h Mushroom, Moss Flower Understory
Flappy 175 Vita Gems 233/15m Moss, Moss Mushroom Shrub
Armor Tortoise 200 Vita Gems 2464/1d Mushroom, Moss Flower Understory
Kappa 125 Vita Gems 465/1h Fruit Moss Shrub
Cobrahawk 100 Vita Gems 296/30m Fruit, Moss Vine Forest Floor
Phoenix 175 Vita Gems 1097/4h Flower, Vine Moss Canopy
Unicorn 200 Vita Gems 827/2h Flower Fruit Emergent
Nautilus 175000 Tree Food 338/1h Moss Flower Forest Floor
Pufferfish 150 Vita Gems 135/5m Fruit Vine Understory
Clown fish From Adventure 211/15m Moss Mushroom Forest Floor
Mammoth From Adventure 296/30m Flower Vine Forest Floor
Barn Owl From Adventure 422/1h Vine Flower Forest Floor
Crocodile From Adventure 591/2h Moss Mushroom Forest Floor
Bunyip From Adventure 844/4h Mushroom Fruit Forest Floor
Polar Bear From Adventure 1196/8h Fruit Moss Forest Floor
Morp If checked out EatEat Horray 124/5m Fruit, Mushroom, Moss and Flower Vine Forest Floor

Limited Critters

Name Price Food Production Likes Dislikes Forest Layer
T-Rex 500 Vita Gems 938/1h Mushroom, Vine Flower Forest Floor
Yeti 500 Vita Gems 1313/2h Fruit Mushroom Forest Floor
Purple Dragon 500 Vita Gems 657/30m Flower Mushroom Forest Floor
Yak 200,000 Tree Food 2125/8h Mushroom, Fruit Vine Forest Floor
Beaver 1st golden egg 250/5m Mushroom Vine Forest Floor
Hippopotamus 2nd golden egg 469/15m Fruit Mushroom Forest Floor
Bat 3rd golden egg 657/30m Moss Flower Forest Floor
Rhinoceros 4th golden egg 938/1h Flower Fruit Forest Floor
Giraffe 5th golden egg 1313/2h Vine Moss Forest Floor
Scorpion Spider 300 Vita Gems 469/15m Moss, Vine Mushroom Forest Floor
Red Panda

250,000 Tree Food

1050/2h Mushroom, Moss Vine Forest Floor
Free Bird N/A 139/30s Flower Mushroom Forest Floor
Platypus 300,000 Tree Food 200/5m Fruit, Vine Mushroom Forest Floor
Trilobyte 200,000 Tree Food 1500/4h Mushroom, Moss Flower Forest Floor
Hydra 400 Vita Gems 938/1h Fruit, Vine Flower Forest Floor
Jackalope 300 Vita Gems 63/30s Flower, Fruit Mushroom Forest Floor
Chinese Dragon 500 Vita Gems 1875/4h Flower, Vine Fruit Forest Floor
Green Dragon £69.99 ($99.99) 1875/4h Moss, Vine Flower Forest Floor
Uncle Ham 525/30m Flower, Fruit, Moss, Vine Mushroom Forest Floor
Freedom Willy 938/1h Flower, Fruit, Moss,Vine Mushroom Forest Floor
Griffin £69.99 ($99.99) Flower, Fruit Moss Forest Floor
Puffin £2.99 ($4.99) 1313/2h Mushroom Vine Forest Floor
Flying Narwhal £2.99 ($4.99) 938/1h Flower Fruit Forest Floor
Flying Monkey 90, 45, 30 Vita Gems 469/15m Vine Moss Forest Floor
Fancy Rat 350 Vita Gems 3219/12h Moss Vine Forest Floor
Ghostie 600 Vita Gems 1875/4h Fruit Flower Forest Floor
Skull Imp 150,000 Tree Food 200/5m Moss Fruit Forest Floor
Fuzzy Ram 250 Vita Gems 2657/8h Flower ,Mushroom,Fruit , Moss Vine Forest Floor
Polar Bee 250 Vita Gems 250/5m Flower, Fruit Mushroom Forest Floor
Crystal Kitty 50/30s Flower Mushroom Forest Floor
Amore Eel 657/30m Flower, Fruit Vine Forest Floor

|- |Hermit Crabucopia | | style="text-align: right;"|6909 8h (Lv.4 15%) |Moss, |Flower |Forest Floor |} |- |Chupacabra | | style="text-align: right;"|11864 24h (Lv.4 15%) |MushroomVine |Flower, |Forest Floor |}

Other Critters

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