The Chimpanzee is an Uncommon Critter which can be bought from the market or be obtained through the Summon action at Poppy's house, traded for, or bought in the market.

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  • Name - Chimpanzee
  • Type - Critter
  • Likes - Flower
  • Dislikes - Moss
  • Rarity - Uncommon
  • Forest Layer - Canopy
  • Market Price - 60 Vita Gems
  • Scientific name - Pan troglodytes

These apes are very intelligent. They are smart enough to use tools to catch food and defend themselves. Chimpanzees are 99.9% the same as humans! They're not actually pink, although that would be pretty cool.

Levels Food Production
Level 1 305/hour
Level 2


Level 3 488/hour
Level 4 911/hour

A Chimpanzee in real life.